February 11, 2020

Text messaging is a powerful marketing tool for the 21st century

In the digital age we live in now, advertisements and content is constantly flooded in our way. Most of the time it’s a distraction; most of the time it's an annoyance. But what if the content was exactly what we wanted? What if the content is exactly what we needed?

With so much technology around us, there is still one clear winner in this category, A Cellphone. We as humans have a reliance on our cellphones greater than any other technology out there, specifically text messaging. Some even feel anxious or lost without their cell phone being in view or even in their hands.

Text messages are read 98% of the time regardless of whom the text is from within 4 minutes.

Let's be honest, Whether you're on Vacation traveling to the beach, or working out at the gym. Whether you're busy running around for work, or lounging at home, who isn't reading their text messages.

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